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Once your installation is complete our maintenance services will keep your design looking fresh. Our maintenance services is a turnkey operation basked upon the highest horticultural standards. Whatever your garden's custom needs are, we can provide. Quality Maintenance Schedule Artistic Tree Pruning: A fine art that enhances the beauty and health of your trees. We


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<img class="aligncenter wp-image-575 size-full" src="https://www.rogersgardenslandscape.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/CA-Friendly-Gardening-Solutions-Demystifying-the-Art-of-Garden-Design-with-Billy-Goodnick.jpg" alt="CA-Friendly-Gardening-Designs" width="760" height="400" /> We design gardens of all types and sizes. Our designers are all formally trained in the disciplines of landscape architecture, horticulture, garden design and interior design. In addition to their formal training, our designers have decades of experience building their designs. This hands on experience breathes

Award-Winning Landscape Designs

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Roger's Gardens is the leader in creating award winning California Friendly® landscapes. We design, build and maintain anything outside the edges of your home. This includes pools, spas, patio covers, outdoor kitchens and entertainment areas, as well as planting, lighting, irrigation and drainage. We handle the entire landscape project, from initial consultation through the design phase, construction